of Silverback Chrome

IGNITE what's BOLD in your Beast...Its DEADLY appearance!

Silverback chrome is not just STANDARD CHROME… As the closer look you'll find it becomes MORE APPEALING. 

When it comes to a truck there is nothing more important than getting everything done just right. And thats what Silverback offers;

  • First, it starts with flawless material held to a standard TWICE that of ASTM SPECIFICATIONS.
  • Second, a SMOOTH surface is created through expert POLISHING.
  • Third, THREE layers of nickel are applied, (duplex nickel plus micro-porous) for improved adhesion and CORROSION RESISTANCE.
  • Lastly, a CONTROLLED layer of CHROME is applied with expertise and experience. 

But what do they do different in POLISHING to make the stacks so APPEALING?

  • New vertical polish methods are used finishing in-line with the exhaust system.
  • This results in an amazing surface uniformity that has never previously been offered in Australia.
  • This is over against commonly used Cylindrical polish methods which normally leaves ring marks in the tubing.



Our stacks would be dangerous